Future Farmers Foundation

The idea behind the Future Farmers Foundation was initiated after the first student was sent abroad in 2007, with a formal entity now dedicated to providing platforms from which young men and women who are passionate about agriculture and farming in general can become successful commercial farm managers or farmers in their own right. An apprenticeship system has been put in place to accommodate school leavers who are unable to attend universities, and in all cases these students selected must be passionate about farming and have an excellent work ethic and sense of responsibility. To start them off, they are placed on farms where they gain experience, starting from the bottom and learning a large variety of skills, and after a year or two of practical experience, the apprentices who excel in their work can be selected to do a years’ internship overseas via grant funding provided by the Future Farmers Foundation. To increase the numbers of suitably qualified students, we are looking for farmers in South Africa and abroad to take on our apprentices, and would welcome enquiries.

Our Mission

Our role is to provide meaningful employment for Future Farmers and develop them in their full potential. The underlying fulfillment of our work is love and respect.

Our Goal

To qualify farm managers who are capable of running commercial operations and hopefully become farm owners in due course.

Be apart of our journey