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Mentorship is critical. There must always be someone for the apprentices to call, should they feel that they need advice or find themselves out of their depth. When they travel overseas, the organisations who are responsible for placements, have contact people for them to call, should they need it.

The important thing about the Youth Discovery Programme is that the interns spent the first week in the country they will be working in on an orientation course. This means that they are taught local ways of doing things and their skills are evaluated so that they are placed appropriately. The Programme provides them with backup throughout the year. Mentorship is ongoing and is there for those who need it, even after they have become successful and highly qualified farm managers.

The underlying and uncompromising principle of the Future Farmers Foundation is that only opportunities and mentorship are provided for the apprentices it is up to each of them to make the most of their opportunity. Another vital aspect of the program is that these young people payback every step of the way - which is possible as they earn as they learn.

The Future Farmers Foundation is preparing them to become successful farmers and this is part of the process of learning to take responsibility for themselves and ultimately, others as well.

Click here should you be interested in providing an opportunity or mentorship for a learner.


Sifiso and Langwabo working in the dairy

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