Mlungisi Mtezankuni – Piggery Intern

“The USA Piggery Internship was amazing. I have gained a lot of knowledge especially in aspects regarding Farm Management. The farm consists of people from many different cultural groups. I worked very hard with other employees to make sure that the farm was producing good quality produce. I gained a lot in managing labour, where I was not afraid to take on responsibilities and to make sure I was reporting the activities that were beyond my control in the barn. I felt like a team member because the management team valued my suggestions on how to optimize production and my willingness to learn more about the company.

US citizens were so kind, they were willing to assist us in everything we needed socially. Celebrations like 4th of July and Thanksgiving were amazing to be part of, as I learnt a lot about the country’s culture and customs. The host company employees were the best. Whenever I needed assistance in and outside of work, they were available right till the day I checked in for departure back to my home country, South Africa, where I plan to make a difference in one of the most protein demanding industries, which is the pig production.

I am extremely grateful to be part of the Future Farmers Foundation which helped enhance my skills and knowledge about pig production. For this I say Thank You. ”

– Mlungisi Mtezankuni

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