MEET PRINESH LUTCHMAN – Born on the 24th of October 1992 in my hometown Pietermaritzburg found in the province of Kwa-Zulu Natal South Africa. I come from a staunch Hindu family and thanks to this upbringing, I have learned to be a patient, respectful, honest, dedicated, determined, kind and passionate young man. I was raised in a small town named Lenasia where I completed my junior and secondary schooling. At the age of 12, Pentarosa Primary School had allowed students to begin a gardening project which consisted of planting, maintaining, harvesting and sales of crops. It was during this moment where I realized my love and passion for biology (plant science) and business. My Secondary education began at Topaz Secondary School, which introduced me to various faculties of study. Upon choosing subjects to focus on my future, I immediately chose to pursue the field of sciences. This consisted of subjects such as biology, geography and physical science, allowing me to matriculate in 2010. My teachers carefully guided and advised me to pursue my love of Agriculture when attending University. Focusing on my love and passion for nature, I enrolled myself at The University of South Africa (UNISA) in the field of agricultural management at the beginning of 2012. During my tertiary studies, I worked as a sales consultant in the cellular industry for 2 consecutive years. I then completed

Work Integrated Learning (WiL) for agricultural practical modules during 2015-2017 at various farms. During my WiL phase I assisted as an assistant farmer, a junior to the greenhouse and horticulture lecturer at UNISA and as a junior project manager for tomato, pepper, broiler and layer operations. I continued my studies and qualified with a National Diploma in Agricultural Management at the beginning of 2018. I was employed as sales consultant at a Vodacom Shop due to difficulty in finding placement in my field between 2018 and 2020.
This opportunity was essential to me as I learned how to operate with clients on a professional level. During this period in time, I studied towards and qualified for a BTech in Agricultural Management through UNISA.

I am now currently employed within a graduate programme by a supportive NPO, Future Farmers Foundation, for a well-established, prosperous and generous seed production organisation named, Simply African Seed Company, in the field of plant production. I have been given the opportunity to learn, apply my skills and knowledge, and improve my abilities and capabilities in the field of agriculture and gain various skills and knowledge of crop farming from experienced farmers and staff in order for me to grow within the agricultural field. My future goal is to become a successful and charitable farmer who serves the purpose of feeding future generations, while running a thriving agricultural business and educating underprivileged, passionate farmers of the future generations who possess the capabilities to change the world for the better. I believe that agriculture possesses the greatest purpose on earth, as there are no farmers, the future shall seize to exist.

We at SASC are striving to fill this gap with organically grown seed which is produced on our farms in Southern Africa in line with our motto of “For Africa, By Africans In Africa”. This growing season is a massive step up for us with more than 550 varieties being planted to increase our range and respond to a number of requests from you, our customers. So expect to see new products popping up on our website and newly revamped Android mobile application as they are harvested. In the short term look out for our tree, palm and flower ranges increasing with a focus on indigenous Southern African trees and shrubs to try and contribute to reforestation and greening of our beautiful country.

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