Nonhlelo Mhlongo – Piggery Intern

“I was in the United States, Illinois Carthage, for a year where I worked for the Professional Swine Management at South Morgan Farm (5600 sow units). It was a great experience working for such a huge sow unit. We hardly have such large units here in South Africa, but I adapted very quickly because the management and staff were very good. I am very proud to have had experienced this and to have gained so much knowledge.

I enjoyed the culture, especially July Fourth and Turkey Day. Overall the experience was great and was a lifetime experience. I played games and really appreciate being taken by Rowan, to watch football which we usually only watch on TV.

Being away from home wasn’t nice but the people of United States were so welcoming that I hadn’t longed for home too much. I attended Calvary Church and went gyming at Carthage Family Fitness.

I worked at farrowing. There were 19 rooms. Each room had 56 crates. I learnt sleeving and I assisted the sow till weaning. I also worked at breeding. They had huge breeding pens.

I know and hope that the experience and knowledge I have gained is suitable for all the possible positions that I can get here in South Africa.”

– Nonhlelo Mhlongo

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