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Junior Future Farmer

Future Farmers is committed to helping as many young people as it can to become successful commercial farmers.

If you can deliver passion, integrity, and a great work ethic, you have the potential to go far in Future Farmers. It will not be easy, and you will have to start your career at the bottom regardless of your academic qualifications.

Our goal is to send as many future farmers as possible on overseas internships. These internships must be earned. You must prove to us that you are good enough to meet the high standards required by overseas hosts and Future Farmers and to represent your country.

Terms and Conditions

You must be over eighteen years and under twenty-seven years at the time of commencing your apprenticeship. You may not be married, have children or be pregnant.

People who are married or have children do not qualify for overseas internships and are therefore are not eligible to become Future Farmers.

You will be required to submit a monthly progress report to Future Farmers and to keep your logbook up to date.

People who behave badly, smoke, drink alcohol abuse drugs or are pregnant are also not eligible for the programme. Should you start to behave badly, smoke, drink alcohol, abuse drugs or become pregnant you agree to resign from the programme.

I agree to the above terms. I understand that my participation in the programme will be terminated if I do not meet the above conditions.

I further Consent to the storage by Future Farmers of any information and /or documents that I have provided and may provide in future and the use thereof by Future Farmers in order to assist me.

You will now be added to the Future Farmer database. We will do our best to help you to establish your career as a farmer. However, we cannot guarantee results and your input and performance is critical to your success.

Overseas internships are earned. In some sectors, such as extension, there are no overseas opportunities. We do our best to find internship positions for deserving candidates. We may be limited by available funds and available positions.

R250 application fee (includes a book & Postage) and a R50 annual membership.

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