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Complaince officer and Monitoring and Evaluation officer

By Pfunani on 2024-07-08

With a National Diploma in Crop Production and several years of experience in agricultural production(citrus), general farm work, crop management and farm operation, I have been able to learn the best practices and the industry technologies such as the use of Cameleon readers which are tools designed to measure the moisture content of the soil and helps one schedule their irrigation better.

I am very experienced in using data-driven approaches to asses and monitor crop growth and soil fertility.Some of my other skills relevant to holding a position in this industry include Integrated...


By Ntokozo on 2024-07-07

Water is very important to the pigs. In Qalani piggery we don\'t have water but we make sure our pigs have the availability of water. Their water base must always be filled we water. 



By Ntokozo on 2024-07-07

After cleaning we feed the pigs

. Piglets__  creepy 

. Weaner__ wearner feed

. Growers__ pocket

. Sows and boars__ sow and boar feed



By Ntokozo on 2024-07-07

Cleaning is our daily duties 

. We clean all the pans for pigs 

. We make sure the passage is clean and disinfecting 


Management of steam up cow\'s

By Mondli on 2024-06-29

I\'m employed at dairy in karkloof. Dairy 360 is a dairy farming business milking approx 1500 cow\'s over 4 milking parlours.

I have been involved in some parlour work and cow management. However,  my focus has shifted more on the calf rearing as part of the farm business and I also participate in managing the steam up cow unit.

This involves everything from monitoring steam up cow\'s pre-calving, managing post calving issues like milk fever adding assistance in difficult calvings, feeding young calves to point of weaning. 

I also play big role in treating illnes...

Journey Into The Seed Industry

By Prinesh Rajesh on 2024-06-21

It has always been a passion, career and life goal of mine to be part of the solution to tackle food insecurity and unemployment, especially after experiencing these global concerns first-hand. Thanks to a transformative journey in 2023, with gratitude to the Future Farmers Foundation, Saville Foundation, The Ohio Program and KWS Seeds, my experience in the USA consisted of an educational and intensive introduction to global agriculture. I received mentorship from renowned sugar beet and corn seed production experts, and realized how producing high-quality seeds are vital to the sustainabil...

Dairy Farm worker

By Anele on 2024-06-01

Hi sir/Ma\'am 

I\'m Anele Ngcobo From South Africa I was Born in Rockfontein Farm Donnybrook I grew up living in a farm I started working on a farm since I was 16 years during holidays till I finished my matric in 2020 since I\'ve experienced how does the farm operate then I decided to go further with my education and study Human Resource Management in order for me to know how to work with people/workers I obtain My Human Resource Management N5 Certificate in 2023


As an agricultural student...

By AVUYILE on 2024-05-01

As an agricultural student, my journey was rooted in curiosity and a deep-seated love for the land. From the classrooms to the fields, I immersed myself in the study of soil, plants, and the intricate systems that sustain life. Through hands-on experiences and theoretical exploration, I cultivated not only crops but also a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of agriculture with the environment and society. Each lesson sowed seeds of passion, nurturing my growth as a steward of the earth and a champion for sustainable farming practices. ...